Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring is in the Air

It is for sure!!! I have been busy sewing like a mad woman. With custom orders flowing in, it has been a bit hard to keep my etsy store filled. Here are a few things I have been working on.

I finished this pair of sweet capri pants the other day. With appliquing and all. I have a few more of these cut out (in different fabrics of course) and ready to be sewn. These turned out super cute and are VERY comfy too!!!
I also did some major goddess wrap fabric shopping the other day. I have a TON new fabrics, so the goddess wraps should be filling my store very soon.
I also have some open back apron tops cut and ready for sewing as well. These are so wonderful for the hot days approaching! I just LOVE spring and summer. It makes me all happy inside :

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Custom Orders

I absolutly LOVE doing custom orders!!! As far as making clothing for someone, I think it is almost easier to do a custom piece. That way it is personal and will fit best and when making a custom piece, that person is in my mind the entire time I am making the piece.

I just finished this pair of custom patchwork pants last night. They are made will black and grey patches of corduroy with 3 embroidered skulls down the front right leg. There are 2 back pockets and a secret stash pocket too! He is stopping by today to pick them up. I can't wait for him to try them on. They look sooooooo comfy! I am always so excited when someone gets their custom order....their one of a kind piece! It's a warm and fuzzy feeling :)
Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement. Thanks for reading :)